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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy (hereinafter – Policy) applies to all information that HyperAdvertising LTD as the developer and owner of “Adluxe” (hereinafter Adluxe), can get about users during their use of any of the services and products of Adluxe.

Privacy Policy is applicable to user data that Adluxe collects, stores and processes in order to provide management services to advertising on the Internet.

Adluxe seriously applies the privacy of your data, so be sure to read the glossary of terms, and then with our features and rules.

1. Glossary

An anonymous identifier – is an arbitrary sequence of characters used for the same purposes as the files cookie, on platforms that do not use cookie (including some mobile phones).

The cache of application data – information repository for the user's device. For example, with the help of a web application can run without an Internet connection. In addition, the cache can speed up applications, ensuring faster download content.

Storage of data in a web browser – allows websites to store data on the user's device. When used in “local storage” data is saved even after you log off (after you close your browser).

File cookie – a small file containing a string of characters sent to your computer when you visit a particular page. When you visit this Web site a file allows him to identify your browser. A cookie can store user preferences and other information. You can set your browser to refuse all cookie files or alert being sent. Some features or services of websites without the cookie may not work correctly.

The device – a computer used to access the Internet. This can be a normal PC, tablet or smartphone.

Referring domain HTTP. When you click on a link to a landing page, it receives information about the URL of the original page. This is referring domain HTTP.

IP address. Each device connecting to the Internet is assigned a number, which is called the IP address. These numbers are usually assigned units on a geographical basis, so on the IP address is often possible to determine where the device is connected to the Internet.

Personal information does not identify the user. This user information is recorded and grouped so as not to refer to specific people.

Personal information. This is the information you provide, which indicates to you personally, such as your name, email address, billing information and other information.

Server logs. Like most of the advertising services, our servers automatically record what pages were visited by users. Logs typically include your IP address, browser type, browser language, the date and time of your request and one or more files cookie, which allow you to uniquely identify your browser.

2. Feature promotional products of Adluxe

The promotional products Adluxe for submission interactive ads using technology HTML5. When ads appear may be considered such characteristics of your device as a model, browser type and availability of sensors (eg, accelerometers).

To receive and record information about how Adluxe banners are used, we use various technologies. Some of these data are sent to the user device, one or more of the cookie or anonymous identifier.

We use the cookie files for different purposes, such as to increase the effectiveness of advertising and to make advertising useful. They can be installed in different domains:,, To do this, we gather information about how you view and interact with our ads.

We report in the records advertisers whether their ad is shown on the page and there is a chance that users saw it (or is it, for example, was in the part of the page that users are not viewing). We can also provide other information about interactions, such as the user moves the cursor over the ad or how they interacted with the page on which it was shown.

Promotional products Adluxe receive information about your location from various sources. For example, IP address of the computer is often used to determine the approximate location.

To ensure the anonymity of the data, after 9 months of their receipt, we remove part of the IP addresses, and 18 months – the files cookie. You can also manage your files in a browser cookie. For example, you can turn off the cookie acceptance from all sites except those you trust.

We may collect and store information (including personal) on your user devices by means such as the web browser and store the cache data used by applications.

3. How do we use the data collected

For example, defining language preferences of users, we will offer them a version of a promotional product in their own languages.

If necessary, use your information for purposes other than those listed in this privacy policy, we always ask for prior consent.

Servers Adluxe not process personal data of users. Therefore, the collected anonymous information can be processed server located in another country than the subject of specific data.

4. Transparency and choice

People have different views on privacy. We want them to be clear about what information we collect, and informed to make decisions about how it should be applied.

Furthermore, the user can completely disable a browser receiving all files cookie, including from Adluxe, or choose to have it last reported.

Information on particular browser's privacy settings is available at: Google Chome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera Browser.

5. The information Adluxe offered to third parties

Adluxe does not compare the data with any personal information and do not provide them to third parties. We may share anonymous data generalized to all users and our partners, such as publishers, advertisers or linked sites. They can be used, for example in order to illustrate the trend in the use of our service.

6. Data protection

We actively use SSL encryption in our services.

7. Changes

From time to time our privacy policy may change. All updates privacy policy stated on this page.

Previous versions: (none).